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How To Remove Tartar From Teeth

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Singing River Dentistry Midtown
How To Remove Tartar From TeethThe mineral makeup of tartar gives it its abrasive texture. On the other hand, this also indicates that it is difficult to remove the stain using your own toothbrush or specialized toothpaste. Instead, a dental hygienist will need to undertake a "debridement," which means they would need to remove the tartar deposits by hand.

You may be asking why you cannot carry out this task independently. Plaque is not only difficult to remove but also needs the use of specialized equipment to identify it correctly. Plaque may be distinguished from healthy enamel by applying a revealing gel, which leaves a stain on the plaque.

Afterward, they scrape the plaque away from the teeth using various devices such as ultrasonic cleaners and periodontal scalers. They are proficient in using the devices, which allows them to avoid causing harm to the gums or teeth of healthy patients. In addition, they have a far more transparent view of the inside of your mouth than you have, enabling them to do a more thorough job.

Removing Tartar Can Only Be Done By A Specialist

The removal of tartar accumulation from your teeth is extremely essential for maintaining the health of your gums and teeth as well as for the avoidance of illnesses. It is strongly suggested that you seek the services of a competent and experienced dentist rather than making an effort to do the procedure on your own due to the fact that this will result in a much superior outcome.

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