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What Causes Dental Erosion

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Singing River Dentistry Midtown
What Causes Dental ErosionDental Erosion is the process of teeth wear and tear on dental issues due to the release of acids from bacterial attacks on the teeth. Below we look at the various factors that cause dental Erosion.

Dental Erosion due to the Intrinsic Origin

Dental Erosion may occur due to intrinsic origin primarily due to reduced salivation in the mouth, teeth grinding, and constant alcohol substance abuse. Moreover, the organisms in our mouth release acids that destroy the teeth when they come in contact with the teeth. Mainly this occurs at the back of the teeth and the inside surfaces of the teeth.

Dental Erosion due to Extrinsic Factors

Extrinsic factors include eating habits and exposure of the teeth to harmful agents that cause Erosion. Regular consumption of foods rich in sugar composition, fruit juices, specific medication, and prescriptions are all agents that cause dental Erosion. Furthermore, using certain mouthwashes with high acidity and alkalinity causes dental Erosion.

Dental Wear Causes

Dental Erosion can result from dental wear issues such as attrition that results from chewing dysfunction due to the limited surface of the teeth and the dental wear. Abrasion, which is the abnormal positioning of the dental wear caused by improper brushing and bad dental habits, causes dental Erosion. Tooth wear due to dental wear overload can also cause dental Erosion.

Treatment of Dental Erosion

Dentists use composite resins to treat eroded teeth by filling the worn part with the composite. Also, in highly severe dental erosion situations, dentists use ceramic inlays to serve the wear and tear, but a dental technician mainly does the procedure.

Also, since dental Erosion causes sensitivity, desensitizing pastes and mouthwashes are necessary to treat the eroded teeth hence lifting off the sharpness. If you suspect you are experiencing dental Erosion, visit the dentist quickly to prevent severe dental issues.

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