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Are You Struggling from Untreated Cavities?

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Singing River Dentistry Midtown
Are You Struggling from Untreated Cavities?Most adults are familiar with dental cavities. A cavity on your tooth doesn't just appear. Food particles left in your mouth mix with saliva to form plaque. Plaque collects on the surfaces of your teeth and hardens over time to form a substance known as tartar. Bacteria find a hiding spot in the tartar that has hardened over your teeth. Since it is difficult to remove tartar using your toothbrush, getting rid of the bacteria also becomes complicated.

It collects in the tartar and starts to feed on the sugars in your food, releasing acid as a byproduct. This acid then starts to erode the enamel or outer cover of your tooth. As the enamel gets eroded, it loses its white color and starts to appear stained. Once the acid has weakened the enamel, it finds its way into your tooth, leaving a dark hole in the tooth. This hole is what most people recognize as a cavity.

If an untreated cavity is neglected, it may bring about more health-related issues. Therefore, if you have untreated cavities, you should visit our offices for immediate help. Read on for the possible effects of untreated dental cavities.

Effects of Dental Cavities

Dental cavities start as small and generally painless infections. As they progress, they start to cause damage to the nerves inside the tooth. After damaging the nerves, the infection moves down to the roots of your tooth, eating up the deep tissues that hold it in place. After damaging the tissues, your tooth no longer has the support to function normally. The infection might also spread to the jaw and the rest of the teeth, causing mass loss of teeth.

Let the Pros Handle It

Most people tend to ignore dental cavities because they are generally painless in the early stages of infection. If left untreated, a cavity might lead to dental complications such as tooth decay, tooth loss, and even death in extreme cases. If you have untreated cavities, we recommend you visit our offices to sort out the problem before it gets out of hand. Visit our offices for professional care on your dental cavities.
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