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What Do Stabilizers Do?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Singing River Dentistry Midtown
What Do Stabilizers Do?Stabilizers are used in orthodontics to keep your new smile from shifting and to keep the teeth straight. Another name for a stabilizer is a retainer.

As the name suggests, a retainer retains a smile so it will not shift or fall back into its former alignment or bite.

At Singing River Dentistry in Madison, AL, we offer related treatments to preserve alignment - outside of orthodontics. Please visit the links below to learn more!

Why Stabilizers, Such as Retainers are Needed

While you may believe your orthodontic treatment ends when we remove your braces, that is not true. Although the teeth may seem to maintain a stable position, they and the jaws and gum tissues constantly change. That's because they are living tissues. Therefore, retainers ensure that the teeth reach a balanced state – one where they will maintain their newfound positions.

How a Stabilizer, Such as a Retainer Works

The retainer is usually made with a clear plastic part that fits comfortably yet snugly to the roof of the mouth. It features thin wires that fit over the teeth. The retainer's role is to keep the teeth in position and stabilize them or hold them there. Some patients are asked to wear their retainer indefinitely to keep the teeth from shifting. Therefore, once the braces come off, your orthodontic therapy will still continue. We need to use stabilizers, such as retainers, to ensure a patient's teeth' ongoing health and alignment. Without the use of stabilizers, the treatment outcome is uncertain.

Types of Retainers

While retainers can be removed, we may also place retainers for long-term use. In this case, the wires for the retainers are bonded to the inside surface of the front teeth, thus removing the need to take out the retainer for cleaning or regular dental hygiene.

Do you have braces and want to know more about retainers? Maybe you are thinking of getting braces and wonder about how the process works. In either case, we can answer your questions. Why not give us a call today to schedule an orthodontic consult and exam?
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