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Why Does Dentist Take MY Blood Pressure?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Singing River Dentistry Midtown
Why Does Dentist Take MY Blood Pressure?Whenever you go to a dentist's office, they will inspect your teeth, gums, and mouth. But apart from that, they must take your blood pressure before beginning any procedure. Why is this? This question may puzzle some dental patients as they wonder how blood pressure is connected to dental health. The thing is that your dentist can learn a lot about the health of your heart by taking your blood pressure. Your heart always plays an important role when it comes to dental care, and that is why the dentist has to confirm the health of your heart before performing any procedures. Other reasons why your dentist may take your blood pressure are:

Monitor Anesthesia

Local anesthesia can make your blood pressure rise. It is always used before any painful procedures to numb your nerves. But unfortunately, it can sometimes cause your blood vessels to constrict. Because of this, your dentist has to perform a blood pressure test to ensure that he is using the correct dosage of local anesthesia.

Find Dental Issues

Certain dental issues like gum infections or periodontal disease are greatly connected to your cardiovascular health. Most people with gum issues have hypertension issues, and it can significantly help the dentist know how severe your gum problem is.

It Can Save Your Life

If you have a problem with hypertension and it is left untreated, it can lead to heart attack and stroke. This is why your dentist always has to conduct a blood pressure test to find out how high or low your blood pressure is. If it is too high, your dentist will recommend you seek medical help first before you come for the dental procedure.

Improve Your Oral Health Today

If your dental health is not in good condition, we invite you to our dental clinic to get the best treatment available. Our dentist will ensure your blood pressure is at a good range before carrying out any dental procedures.

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