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Cancer and Dental Health

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Singing River Dentistry Madison
Cancer and Dental HealthCancer Treatment takes a toll on the health of the patient due to the strong medication used and the radiotherapy treatment that kills both the cancerous and good cells. Dental health is one of the areas affected by this treatment.

How Cancer Affects Your Dental Health

Cancer treatment can affect your oral health in many ways. Some of these effects are outlined below. Damaged salivary glands. If salivary glands are affected, they do not produce adequate saliva. This leads to a dry mouth which is prone to tooth decay and infection.

Weakened immune system. Cancer treatment can affect your immunity making you get infections easily. Other side infects are mouth sores, tooth decay, inflammation in the lining of the mouth, bone disease and gum disease.

How to Avoid Cancer Treatment Effects

You should schedule an appointment at least a month before your treatment begins so that you can be treated if you have an oral problem. The dentist will also ensure your dentures fit well and remove your braces if you have to avoid irritation.

During treatment, brush your teeth using a soft brush two times a day and floss regularly. Avoid too much sugar because bacteria in the mouth feeds on it to produce acid which causes tooth decay.

Incorporate calcium and vitamin D rich foods in your diet to strengthen your bones. The dentist may prescribe supplements.

Treatment of Oral Side Effects

The dentist will prescribe a suitable mouth rinse to help with mouth sores treatment. Pain relievers are prescribed to reduce pain from mouth sores. The medication can be topical, oral or an injection.

You can drink plain water and sugar free drinks to help with the dry mouth condition. Avoid sugar, tobacco and alcohol because they will make your mouth dry out.

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