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Tooth Extraction
Madison, AL

Woman holding cheek due to tooth acheThere are instances where it is better to take a tooth out than keep it in. Extracting a tooth can relieve pain and begin the process of rebuilding a tooth after damage or disease. Our dentists at Singing River Dentistry are expertly trained in extracting teeth most comfortably and efficiently.

What is a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction in other words is the pulling of a specific tooth. There are many reasons for the need for a tooth extraction which can be broken down into three subcategories: a need for room, infection, or risk of infection.

When is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

An overly crowded mouth could be a problem if your individualized treatment plan includes the use of dentures, dental implants, or other orthopedic treatments to straighten your teeth. If there is not enough room due to too many teeth in a smaller mouth, the extraction of a tooth is a common solution.

Some teeth decay is normal, however, if that decay extends lower beneath the gum to areas with nerves and blood vessels, it may lead to an infection. Extractions are usually the last option in these scenarios when a root canal or antibiotics are not able to cure the infection.

Extractions can also be a solution to prevent infections caused by other treatments outside of the dentist, such as chemotherapy or having an organ transplant. It may also be a treatment option for preventing periodontal gum disease, which is the loosening of teeth because of an infection of the tissues and the bones that surround and support the teeth.

How Is a Tooth Extraction Performed?

To begin, our dentists will take a digital radiographic shot (dental x-ray) of your mouth and do a thorough oral dental exam. This is to ensure the teeth and gums surrounding the area of the subject tooth are healthy. Once your mouth has been inspected and treated, our dentists will give a local anesthetic which will then leave the area for the extraction numb.

Our professionals will use a device called forceps to take a grip of the tooth and gently rock it back and forth. This will loosen the tooth from the jawbone that holds it in place. The anesthesia that our dentists give in the beginning will make this loosening motion feel like pressure, but not pain.

What are the Different Types of Extractions?

There are two main categories of teeth extractions: simple and surgical. The simple extraction is used for teeth that are either already broken or impacted and need to be lifted out of the gum. This type of extraction does not include a decision, however, an anesthetic is still applied. A surgical extraction, however, is when the tooth has yet to break through the gum or is broken in a more complex manner below the gum. For the latter extraction, our dentists will need to make a small incision into the gum to remove the tooth.

What is the Recovery Period of a Tooth Extraction?

Depending on the type of extraction, the size of the tooth, and where it is in your mouth, it may take a few days to fully recover. The soft tissue in your mouth will take about three to four weeks to heal completely for a simple extraction but may take a little longer for a surgical extraction. Our dentists recommend that you floss and brush your teeth as normal. It is best to avoid the extraction site for those first few recovery days following the procedure.

If you feel that a tooth extraction might help your comfort and the look and feel of your smile, call our professionals at Singing River Dentistry at 256 - 562 - 4001 today. We are here to assist you with your smile!
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