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Sprint Ray 3D Printer
Madison AL

illustration of a dental implant placed in the jaw between two healthy teeth - procedure done with Sprint Ray 3D Printer at Singing River Dentistry in Madison, AL
3D technology has become quite common in dentistry. This advanced technology has revolutionized dentistry, making it easy to perform various procedures.

The Sprint Ray 3D printer is one of the most advanced in the industry. Our experts at Singing River Dentistry use this device to perform various functions, including guiding the placement of dental implants during oral surgery.

The Sprint 3D printer has many features that make it reliable in surgical operations. Our Madison, AL dentists and staff are excited to use this technology during your next procedure.

How Has the Sprint Ray 3D Printer Revolutionized Dentistry?

Thanks to this advanced dental equipment, we can easily perform a wide range of operations. The printer helps our experts maintain high standards of accuracy when performing oral procedures. Read below to learn about what this technology enables us to do for our patients!

Helps with Precision During Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is a complex procedure that requires extreme precision.

Thanks to the 3D printer, we can print biocompatible and precise FDA approved surgical guides to help in implant placement.

The precision provided by this device makes it easy to complete implant placement. You will have perfectly functioning dental implants that look like natural teeth. They will also fit in your mouth properly, and there is no risk of discomfort.

Makes it Easy to Print Safe Surgical Guides

The 3D printer has CAD/CAM elements that make it easy to print tooth-supported, bone-supported, and mucosa-supported surgical guides.

This is done with unparalleled accuracy, which makes the procedure faster and safer.

Previously, the process of making surgical guides was faced with various risks that endangered the safety of patients. The highly advanced Sprint Ray 3D printer eliminated this, which makes the whole process safe.

Allows us to Create Products Like Splints and Mouth Guards at the Office

We use the printer to fabricate fully functional 3D models of occlusal guards, splints, mouth guards, and clear aligners.

The fact that these items can be created quickly in the lab makes the printer revolutionary.

It only takes a few hours to have fully functional 3D printouts of these items. This reduces not only the turnaround time but also the cost involved.

You don't have to worry about spending too much time in our offices as the product will be printed in a few hours.

What makes them even better is that the final fabricated appliances are effectively durable, strong, and very clear.

Prints 3D Dentures

The Sprint Ray 3D printer has also simplified the process of making dentures.

It now takes a very short time to make interim dentures immediately after an extraction procedure. Apart from making interim dentures, the printer can also make long-term temporary dentures that you can use for a while.

These dentures can be used for up to a year as you wait for a permanent teeth replacement option.

What Are the Benefits of Sprint Ray 3D Printers?

There are many benefits of sprint ray 3D printers. This highly advanced dental equipment makes it easy to perform various procedures and restore oral health. Some of the benefits include:

Precision and Accuracy

In dentistry, precision is vital for the patient's well-being.

These 3D printers are ideal for oral procedures that involve razor-thin margins.

They offer industry-leading accuracy to the creation of dentures, crowns, and other oral appliances.

The printer comes with a Pixel Toning and 55-micron XY pixel size CAD/CAM. These are very powerful magnifying powers that increase accuracy in procedures.

Task Integration

Thanks to the Sprint Ray printer, 3D printing can be done from the comfort of our offices. They have onboard computers, a suite of intelligent sensors, and a smart tracking feature that makes it easy for us to execute oral operations.

Procedures that used to take several appointments to complete are now done in a single appointment. This is essential for your well-being.


Our experts have streamlined procedures thanks to the accuracy and versatility of Sprint Ray printers.

Apart from ensuring accuracy in dental procedures, these oral appliances also enhance efficiency in a wide range of other processes.


As mentioned earlier, these printers are quite easy to use. They execute their roles precisely without any risk to your oral health. You also don't have to worry about any side effects as these printers are safe to use.

What Other Dental Technology Is Used at the Office?

We use a wide range of dental technologies other than an intraoral camera. Here are a few examples:

•  Dental X-rays - Digital x-rays are vital during oral exams. They are safer and faster, containing 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. When using digital x-rays, a high-resolution image appears on the screen in a few seconds. This allows us to assess your oral health within the shortest time possible.
•  3D Cone Beam - 3D cone beam is a reliable technology used for oral cancer screening. This technology can detect the early stages of oral cancer and help initiate treatment. Apart from oral cancer, a 3D cone beam can also detect other oral conditions like gingivitis and tooth decay.
•  Laser Dentistry- Soft tissue laser is another common technology we use in dental procedures. Laser technology uses different types of lasers to eliminate discomfort during the process. Soft tissue laser is ideal for revealing underlying oral health problems. For instance, it can fill or whiten dental cavities, remove tumors, or reduce tooth sensitivity. Besides, laser technology is an excellent way of getting rid of bacteria.

Your Madison, AL Dentist Uses a Sprint Ray 3D Printer - Schedule Today!

Sprint Ray printers have become a major part of modern dentistry. We use them to examine your mouth and diagnose various oral conditions. Our experts at Singing River Dentistry are ready to help you achieve good oral health by performing comprehensive dental exams. Dedicating oral conditions early makes it easy to treat them. Call 256 - 562 - 4001 today to schedule an appointment with our professionals!

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We use the Sprint Ray 3D Printer to improve the accuracy of dental implant procedures, to create dental crowns, & so much more! Call today to schedule!
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