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Teeth Bonding
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Rendering of jawMinor chips, cracks, or discoloration of your teeth can happen over time. These small cosmetic difficulties may have an impact on your confidence level with your smile. One technique our professionals at Singing River Dentistry use to restore confidence in your smile is called bonding. Our dentists are expertly trained in this treatment solution to fix those smaller imperfections of your teeth.

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What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is the use of resin composite to fix minor cosmetic issues with your teeth. The problems bonding can fix rages from small chips or cracks, minor discoloration to repairing decayed teeth. This resin composite is also to fill cavities or to repair spacing problems between teeth. The resin composite applied in the bonding treatment option is a malleable paste or putty-like substance. It is molded onto a tooth and then smoothed and polished to replicate a natural-looking tooth. Bonding is an alternative to a silver filling, which can bring attention to these small repair.

How is Dental Bonding Done?

Our dentists will first clean and examine your mouth for additional issues that need to be taken care of or treated. Then, using a shade guide you will work with our dentist to choose a color that best matches your surrounding teeth for the most natural look possible. Once you both agree on a shade, our dentists will remove a small outer part of the tooth to apply a conditioning liquid. The composite resin is placed, shaped, and smoothed to look like nearby teeth. Then a bright light or laser is used to harden the surface and create a durable, natural-looking tooth. After the resin composite is cured and hardened from the light or laser, the procedure is complete.

How Long Does the Dental Bonding Procedure Take?

One of the positives of the bonding procedure is that it needs very little advance preparation. Anesthesia isn’t necessary in most cases. The process is usually complete in just one visit to our office. The length of time needed will depend on the damage of the tooth the bonding is repairing. Typically, each tooth takes no more than 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Why is Bonding a Popular Choice?

The Bonding procedure is relatively fast and painless and is designed to give you the most natural look possible. Many people choose the bonding treatment to improve the look and feel of their smile, and to return confidence in their smile after a trauma or normal wear and tear have damaged their teeth.

How Do I Care for Bonded Teeth?

After the procedure is complete, no special care is needed to take care of bonded teeth. Regular brushing and flossing as normal are all that is required. On average, the resin composite in bonding lasts from four to eight years. This all on where the tooth is in your mouth and on your biting and chewing habits. Bonding can be stained just like your natural teeth, so lifestyle choices such as drinking red wine and coffee regularly or use of tobacco will discolor the composite resin faster than for those who avoid such activities.

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If you want to improve the look and feel of your smile and would like more information on everything bonding can fix, call Singing River Dentistry today at 256 - 562 - 4001. Our professionals want to help you achieve your ideal smile!

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At Singing River Dentistry, we use dental bonding to restore confidence in your smile. Our dentists are expertly trained in this treatment! Learn more here.
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